Jay's Companies

Jay currently runs two companies. His company Dreamkind is a digital entertainment studio that helps public and private sector institutions develop immersive digital experiences. Jay is also the president of Humble Crew, a socially-conscious lifestyle company that leverages technology to create furniture and storage solutions for growing families.


Jay is the founder and president of Dreamkind, a digital education and entertainment studio focused on the public interest sector, and Humble Crew, an ecommerce startup dedicated to helping families furnish their homes.

Dreamkind is a digital studio that helps public institutions and private corporations develop immersive digital and educational experiences. Dreamkind has won a number of awards for its educational digital content and social initiatives. Dreamkind’s clients include the NFL, United Nations, Levine Children’s Hospital, Workman Publishing, UCLA Medical Center, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, Disney, U.S. Defense Centers of Excellence, Nickelodeon, Carolinas HealthCare System, PBS, and many others.

Humble Crew creates and manufactures furniture and storage solutions to help young families furnish their homes. Humble Crew utilizes market research and technology to offer families well-designed furniture and storage at affordable prices. Humble Crew is committed to improving the wellbeing of children and their families. Humble Crew partners with groups that help families living in poverty, as well as organizations that focus on environmental issues, the international refugee crisis, and institutional flaws in our political process.