Auburn Seminary is a multifaith religious institution dedicated to finding leaders who want to bring communities together and strengthen the ties that bind us. The values they promote are interdependence, truth-telling, human dignity, and social justice. Multifaith understanding and cooperation between different faith lies at the center of what Auburn Seminary stands for. Religious differences have historically divided our world and continue to do so, and Auburn Seminary equips leaders with the tools to bridge these divides. Through research, training programs, and national initiatives, leaders from all faiths learn how to cultivate empathy and compassion throughout the world.  One important initiative is to fight intolerance against American Muslims. This initiative finds and trains diverse and talented American Muslims to tell their stories and dispel any false perceptions surrounding their culture. Auburn Seminary has training and workshops on bridging divides, faith-rooted creative activism, media and messaging, and other programs designed to spread the message of tolerance and the importance of values like empathy, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, and humility.

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