Game of the Gods

Jay Schiffman’s Game of the Gods, published by Tor Books/Macmillan Publishers, is available at all major book retailers. Game of the Gods is a science fiction and epic fantasy novel chronicling the action-packed adventures of Max Cone. It is a story of power, political intrigue, and love of family.


Game of the Gods (Macmillan Publishers/Tor Books) is available everywhere books are sold.


"A sly, shrewd, stunning take on a darkly depraved future that is every bit the equal of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and the Divergent series.
-Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series

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The dystopian novel is alive and well in the blisteringly effective Game of the Gods. Jay Schiffman breathes life into a moribund genre and ends up crafting a sly, shrewd and stunning take on a darkly depraved future that is every bit the equal of The Hunger Game, The Maze Runner, and the Divergent series. Schiffman's striking vision serves up a cloud-riddle tomorrow featuring just enough silver linings to provide hope to an otherwise bleak landscape. A must read for fans of classics like Judge Dredd and Doc Savage.
-Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series

“Clever and brisk. The X-Men in an exotic futuristic setting. Great adventure with many layers.”
New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson

"Jay Schiffman's Game of the Gods is a debut sci-fi/fantasy thriller of political intrigue and Spielberg-worthy action sequences in the vein of Pierce Brown's Red Rising."
-from the publisher

(Starred Review) "Clever plot twists and fast-paced action bring a bleak futuristic world to life, right before fractured contingents attempt to destroy it. The challenges and secrets Max and his team meet along the way only enhance the excitement of their journey. VERDICT Schiffman's absorbing sf adventure debut will satisfy all kinds of speculative readers." -Library Journal, Starred Review

"Schiffman combines human drama with high-stakes political intrigue in a daring debut."
-Publishers Weekly


Jay’s first novel, Game of the Gods, is an action-packed adventure through a dystopian political landscape inhabited by narcissistic men and the shiny gods they crave. It’s an epic tale of a band of incorruptible heroes—a venerated military leader, a 13-year-old girl with mysterious powers, a math savant, and the daughter of the world’s most powerful religious leader. It’s a tale of the devious rulers that this fearless group must overcome. Game of the Gods is a fast-moving science fiction and fantasy thriller that keeps readers asking who can we trust? With its frenetic plot twists, political intrigue, and thought-provoking ideas on truth, leadership, and religious dogma, Game of the Gods is sure to draw parallels to America’s current political climate.

The novel takes place hundreds of years in the future in a politicized world not unlike today’s. Disaster strikes the Federacy’s Highest Judge, Max Cone, the novel’s disillusioned hero and narrator. Violent abductions, high-speed chases, battles with villains masquerading as saints, last-minute escapes, and stunning betrayals ensue. Max, a former military giant with a mind as muscular as his might, is deeply jaded. He has dedicated his whole life to faithfully serving the Federacy and its religious ally the Nation of Yerusalom, but he’s been betrayed. Max’s wife, a scientist with revolutionary theories on physics and divinity, is punished for her political and religious transgressions. Powerful elements in the Federacy have her lobotomized—or so it seems. Tragedy strikes again when Max’s comatose wife and their three young children are abducted by shadowy forces. Again, the reasons underlying the abduction, and the heartbreaking events that follow, are anything but clear.


Max desperately wants out of the world of war, religion, and politics. There’s no master he wishes to serve. But those in power refuse to let Max just be. At its heart, Game of the Gods is the epic adventure of a natural hero who does everything in his power not to be one. It’s when Max’s family is taken that he finally has no choice but to fight—no choice but to once again be a hero. The stakes are nothing less than the fate of his family, and as he eventually realizes, the world. In an increasingly hostile and uncertain environment, Max must overcome insurmountable odds and save humankind from the arrogance of men who wish to be gods.


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