Track Layton

Track Layton is the Prime Minister of the Great Anglican Nation. He presides over a vast empire stretching across the globe. He is the party leader of the Anglican First Party, a new nationalistic party that rose to power after the demise of the New Conservatives. Layton swept into office following a wave of terrorist attacks by immigrants from free states sympathetic to the Kingdom of Blessed Erabian States (Erabia). Before running for office, Layton was a popular nightly newscaster on Anglica’s most widely watched conservative news station. As a newscaster and candidate, Layton vehemently opposed negotiating a treaty with Erabia. As Prime Minister, he still publicly opposes peace, but has allowed for negotiations to take place behind closed doors. Prime Minister Layton has never been married. He lives with his girlfriend, the actress Viven Smythe, in an old castle in the Anglican countryside.


Ayesha Salaman

Ayesha Salaman is an award-winning journalist for the Erabian Post. She grew up in the Righteous Principality of Colomb, a remote part of the Erabian empire. Her parents, low-level diplomats in the Royal Department of State Affairs, were called back to the Erabian capital to answer for crimes they did not commit. At the age of 11, Ayesha’s parents were incarcerated and Ayesha was put in a state facility for children without parents. There, she suffered abuse at the hands of her keepers. By 16, she escaped and created a new life for herself, including a new identity. She went to journalism school in the Palestinian Principality of Erabia and graduated at the top of her class. Because of her work as an investigative journalist, she is currently on the Royal Intelligence Agency’s watchlist for subversive activities. She is recently estranged from her longtime girlfriend, Princess Salen Tumeron, a distant cousin of the King.


Bramir Hozani

Bramir Hozani is the 13-year-old son of General Siyad Hozani and the great nephew of the King of Erabia. Prince Bramir is an excellent student and he is passionate about playing football for his school team. He loves movies, especially Western movies from the Federacy of Anglican States. All of his friends are starting to like girls, but he does not, and he is very embarrassed by all the attention he gets from them. Although he is the son of a prominent Erabian general, Prince Bramir has never been one to get involved in politics or discussions about war. The only thing he thinks about is becoming a professional footballer. He is the second oldest child in his family, but has the most responsibilities, because he must care for his older brother who is severely autistic.


Prince Siyad Hozani

Prince Siyad Hozani is a 5-Crescented General in the Kingdom of Blessed Erabian States (Erabia). He is considered by most in the Royal Family, as well as the general Erabian public, to have been specially blessed by the Great Erabian Prophet. He is the ninth-highest ranking military leader in Erabia and the only person to have ever defeated Colonel Wyles in battle. His Uncle, King Briyad Hozani, has given him the unenviable task of negotiating a lasting peace with the Great Anglican Nation. Prince Hozani is skeptical of his uncle’s motives and the backchannel communications his uncle has had with the Prime Minister of the Great Anglican Nation. The prince lives in the City of Saood with his wife, Princess Avir, and their five children.


Mother Suri Bhapu

Mother Suri Bhapu is the enigmatic leader of the Revolutionary Nonviolent Terrorist Movement (RNTM). Little is known about Mother Bhapu other than she is fiercely opposed to the current power structure of nation-states ruling the world. She calls this the “Old Order.” The stated goal of the RNTM is to disrupt the political, economic, and technological foundations that support the Old Order. The principal targets of these disruptions are Anglica and Erabia, both of which have teams of intelligence experts dedicated to combatting the RNTM, as well as identifying the secret location of Mother Bhapu. The RNTM operates through a loose network of decentralized cells consisting of agents, including master hackers, intent on destabilizing the Old Order. Any information related to Mother Suri’s background, family, or other identifying characteristics has been expunged from the public record.


Kade Wyles

Kade Wyles is the chief negotiator for the Great Anglican Nation (Anglica). He is the youngest person to have ever made Colonel in the Anglican Armed Services (AAS) and the most decorated battalion commander in AAS history. He has defeated the Royal Erabian Military in more than 12 major battles and has successfully negotiated 2 lasting cease-fires with his Erabian military counterparts. Queen Marabeth recently awarded him with the Free People’s Medal of Supreme Honor, the highest military award in Anglica. He is one of only a handful of people to have ever received this award, and the only person of his rank. However, because of a blemish on his otherwise perfect record, he will never be allowed to reach the rank of General. Colonel Wyles lives with his wife Trina and their two daughters in London Proper.